Customer Awareness and Education Disclosure

How can you stay safe?

The best way to protect yourself from cybercrime is to use common sense, be prepared, and take precautions.

Online Security Is Our Top Priority!

When you use our website, we enter into a partnership to ensure that your experience is safe and convenient.

The Nehawka Bankís Role

The Nehawka Bank invests substantially in security technology and training. Lawmakers, regulators, and the financial services industry have formed substantial standards for protecting customerís nonpublic personal information.


How Do We Know Itís You?

Security begins with authenticating that it is really you requesting the information and not someone who has stolen your identity. Our goal is to ensure that the level of authentication called for in a particular transaction is appropriate to the transaction level of risk.



You can learn more about how to protect your system by visiting with any computer service provider or your local internet provider.


Online Transactions

Online Security

The Customerís Role And Responsibility

The Nehawka Bankís security measures protect your account information, but they canít be effective without your help and cooperation.

Understanding the risks and knowing how fraudsters might trick you is an important step in protecting yourself online.

When you access your account information via the computer, you also accept responsibility for understanding how your computer system works and how it should be maintained to protect your information.

How will The Nehawka Bank contact you?

The Nehawka Bank will never request personal or account information from you by email or text message. Never feel obligated or pressured to provide your personal information.† If you are ever solicited, ignore the email or text message. Contact us immediately if you gave out any personal or account information.

If your information is compromised

If you notice suspicious activity within your account or experience security related events, contact any The Nehawka Bank immediately.

Your Protection under Regulation E

Financial institutions follow specific rules for electronic transactions. Regulation E covers various situations revolving around transactions consumers make electronically. Your protection under Reg E and The Nehawka Bank can be found at any time under the "enroll now" button on our website.

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